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Can AI Really Help Your Employees Make Better Benefit Choices?
Can AI Really Help Your Employees Make Better Benefit Choices?

AI and machine learning use mathematical formulas to leverage historical and statistical data to help employees make better decisions.

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The Question: How can you better educate and support your employees as they navigate their benefits choices?

In today’s competitive job market, offering a benefits package that both bolsters employee satisfaction and keeps costs manageable is critical for employers. Benefit options alone are only half the battle.

Benefits such as high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), health savings accounts (HSAs),and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are designed for employees to take an active role in their health care spending. These plans can be financially beneficial for both an organization and its employees, but only if employees understand how the plan works and feel confident in their choices, especially where HSA contributions are concerned.

In reality, fewer than 50% of employees feel confident in their benefit choices, and not only for healthcare–for all their key benefits.

A Potential Solution: AI as a tool to help employees better understand and maximize their benefits.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based tools use mathematical formulas to leverage historical and statistical data—including national claims databases, prescription drug databases and risk-tolerance tools—to personalize the benefit selection process and help employees make better decisions.

How AI Helps Employees Make Better Decisions:

  • Help educate employees: AI-supported benefits solutions are able to prompt employees to consider the cost implications of different coverage options for any anticipated life events—including marriage, divorce or birth of a child—during the plan year.

  • Leverage AI/ML-native tools: When AI and machine learning are built into the benefits platform, they can help simplify complex decisions for workers and their families.

  • Provide a ranking or selection of options: AI-supported benefits tools can give employees personalized selections, ranked or arranged according to parameters that make sense for your plan options. This gives your employees the necessary information to understand the consequences of different choices, and the feeling that they are taking an active and informed role in the benefits selection process.

Interested in how to implement AI/ML for your organization? SelectSmart™ is a decision support tool that transforms complex enrollment choices into straightforward, personalized recommendations by asking simple questions and analyzing all available choices and funding levels from health to retirement. This detailed guidance and education not only helps employees confidently make better health care and financial decisions, it also benefits companies by setting employees up for better health and satisfaction, which means happier, more productive employees.

We believe the best way to help employees feel more empowered and happier about their health and wealth is to help them make better decisions today.

Interested in learning more? Click here to schedule a 15 minute chat now to discuss how SelectSmart might work for you. Or simply call us at 781-583-7017 or email us at

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