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Biggest HR Trends for 2023
Biggest HR Trends for 2023

These six trends can help HR professionals make an impact in 2023

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Attracting and maintaining the best talent in your industry is critical, especially in today’s job market. The question is: How to demonstrate that your company is a workplace of choice? According to research from Mission Square Research Institute, these six trends can help HR professionals make an impact in 2023:

A Great Salary is Only the Beginning

Providing a competitive compensation package is the first step, but it might not be enough.

  • Bolster an attractive salary range with the value of the benefits included in the full compensation package

  • Clearly communicate the value of incentives beyond “traditional” benefits. For example: paid leave, life insurance, flexible scheduling, and student loan, commuting or housing assistance

Ditch One-Size-Fits-All Recruiting Strategies

As companies continue to focus on diversity, recruitment strategies tailored to specific audiences and priorities are crucial.

  • Develop different recruitment strategies that best resonate with your target employee profiles

  • Trade bland, bureaucratic descriptions for mission-focused appeals

  • Tailor recruiting campaigns to appeal to candidates with different benefit focuses depending on life stages or economic circumstances

Commit to Maintaining Retirement Funding

2022’s economic volatility impacted individual and family finances, adding to employee anxiety. Fully funding retirement plans supports the dual goals of long-term fiscal stability and leveraging retirement plans to serve as effective workforce recruitment and retention tools.

  • Support your employees by demonstrating a commitment to their financial well-being

  • Encourage employees to continue retirement contributions

  • Work to ensure funded levels do not drop, which would place additional pressure on future contributions

Rethink Future Staffing Models

Recession, resignations, and waves of lay-offs have significantly disrupted many organizations’ operations. Now is the time to consider your workforce structure to be ready for what’s next.

  • Watch evolving technologies: new tech touches every field from accounting to customer service to transportation

  • Automation may not fully replace certain jobs, but it will contribute to job restructurings and reimagining team roles and responsibilities

  • Consider updating job descriptions and required work experience accordingly

  • Part-time, contract or temporary staffing models may be solutions

Embrace a Holistic View of Your Workforce

Instead of normalizing stress, top-rated employers support all aspects of their employees’ health and well-being, including mental health.

  • Employee burnout and mental health are real concerns for companies wanting to retain talent

  • Persistent inflation means standard cost-of-living adjustments many not be enough to reduce employees’ financial stress

  • Leaning into difficult conversations with team members about their financial stress, workload, health, or childcare issues helps to identify your workforce’s stressors and how to respond

Prioritize Data Driven Benefits Decisions

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become more prevalent in all aspects of organizations, HR should watch for opportunities to leverage AI/ML, such as:

  • Using employee surveys and collecting employee behavior data, HR can spot trends and support employees at risk

  • Exploring new vendors or evaluating current vendors

  • Discovering opportunities to increase insights and improve performance

  • Increasing employee satisfaction by helping your team make better benefits decisions, which can lead to improved financial wellness and decrease employee stress

Curious how AI/ML can help with decision support? SelectSmart™ is a decision support tool that transforms complex enrollment choices into straightforward, personalized recommendations by asking simple questions and analyzing all available choices and funding levels from health to retirement. This detailed guidance and education not only helps employees confidently make better health care and financial decisions, it also benefits companies by setting employees up for better health and satisfaction, which means happier, more productive employees.

We believe the best way to help employees feel more empowered and happier about their health and wealth is to help them make better decisions today.

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