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Perks that Pay Off: Win Over Workers with Better Benefits
Perks that Pay Off: Win Over Workers with Better Benefits

Employee turnover can be costly. With 30% of your paycheck on the line, can you be sure you’re providing the benefits your workforce wants?

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Benefits account for approximately 30¢ of every paycheck dollar, and the right benefits package can be a powerful tool for attracting top talent–but are you retaining that talent? Employee turnover can be costly, and with 30% of your paycheck on the line, how can you be sure you’re providing the right benefits, those your workforce wants most?

According to recent research, 54% of employees would be tempted to take a new job if the benefits were better than their current job. So, what are those better benefits that are so tempting?

According to ResourcingEdge, 4 of out 5 employees would prefer more comprehensive benefits over a pay raise. The most popular benefit is healthcare, with 88% of employees ranking it as very important. Typically, employees are looking for:

  • Health care benefits: 95%

  • Retirement benefits: 71%

  • Leave benefits: 50%

  • Flexible working benefits: 29%

  • Professional development benefits: 17%

  • Wellness benefits: 11%

  • Financial benefits: 6%

  • Family-friendly benefits: 3%

These preferences may vary by organization, which is why measuring employee benefit satisfaction and gathering input about new benefits or even missing benefits is critical.. Now is a great time to start collecting input ahead of your next open enrollment period.

The Betterment research also suggests 48% of employees are looking for better engagement when it comes to their benefit options–what they are and how best to optimize them. Decision support tools like SelectSmart™ provide education and guidance for employees facing complex benefits choices, which can lead to less stress about finances, in turn boosting employee confidence and productivity.

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