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Five Ways HR Can Use Tech to Improve Employee Benefits Choices
Five Ways HR Can Use Tech to Improve Employee Benefits Choices

Technology can streamline benefits management and support the employee benefit decision process.

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Employee benefits are a key part of any company's total rewards package, helping to attract and retain top talent, improve employee engagement, and boost productivity.

Managing employee benefits can be a complex and time-consuming task for HR professionals. Technology can both streamline benefits management and support the employee benefit decision process, potentially saving your company time and benefits dollars.

Here are a few ways that HR can use tech to improve their employee benefits experience:

  • Use online portals to provide information about benefits. Online portals can provide employees with a one-stop shop for information about their benefits. These portals can include information about the different types of benefits available and how to maximize those benefits, eligibility requirements, as well as how and when to enroll.

  • Automate the enrollment process. Automating the enrollment process can save time and hassle for both employees and HR professionals.

  • Provide personalized recommendations. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning enabled decision support solutions like SelectSmart™ can help HR professionals provide personalized recommendations to employees. These recommendations help employees to maximize their benefits and work toward better financial wellness outcomes.

  • Track employee benefits usage. Tracking benefits usage can help HR professionals identify which benefits are most popular and which benefits are not being used. This valuable feedback can inform future benefits offerings and help your organization create benefits packages that best suit your workforce.

  • Communicate with employees about benefits. Communicate with employees via their online portal, email, text messages, and social media to provide information about benefits and to answer employee questions. HR professionals can use tech-based solutions to improve the employee benefits decision process and streamline their own workflows, boosting employee engagement and productivity, and attracting–and retaining–top talent.

Technology-based solutions like SelectSmart™ and SAVVI Financial Wellness can help employees to be more informed about their benefits and make benefits decisions that align with their financial wellness and goals. Click here to schedule a 15 minute chat now to discuss how SAVVI might work for you. Or simply call us at 781-583-7017 or email us at

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